It’s officially the festive season and India’s most favourite gifting season is here. Picking up a gift can be difficult, and we are used to getting signature Diwali gifts like sweets and dry fruit hampers, which is a tad boring. Diwali gifts should be memorable that would leave a lasting impression.

An evocative fragrance is a secret to gift-giving success and if you know someone’s favourite scent, what’s better than getting a new fragrance for the festival. There’s just something about receiving a fragrance set with beautiful packaging. It’s really cute and it looks like you’ve actually put in some effort into the gift. To make your selection process a lot easier, we went ahead and rounded up 10 best fragrances and gift sets that your friends will love.



Handpicked from different parts of the world, Scentido’s fragrances are rare, exceptional and distinct.


Beautiful Belle Love reimagines the timeless oriental fragrance, with a luxurious oriental gourmand. Each layer of this statement fragrance is an unforgettable union of ingredients sourced from the four corners of the globe. It is a fragrance that you should definitely gift your girlfriend or your wife.


Essenza Di Will’s Inizio Aqua Homme is an aquatic, luminous fragrance and fresh fragrance that creates a discreet refinement that can never go out of style.

Packed with sparkling citrus accents and mineral notes of flint, Mikkel Verde blends them together to create finesse in a bottle. These perfumes make a perfect gift for men in your life.



Inspired by the wildness of coastal Italy, the new scent takes the earthiness of Bvlgari Man Wood Essence and turns it towards the sun, infusing the line with luminosity to create a fresh link between man and nature.


Designed by master perfumer Michel Girard, L’Homme Lacoste Intense maintains the unique synergy of fruits, spices and woods, which is elevated and prolonged with a dash of vetiver and cypriol.


An Olfactive portrayal of the 1920s bohemian culture, this woody and leather fragrance exudes an air of exquisite audacity.



Masculine, elegant, and charismatic, L’insoumis’s aromatic fragrance is made up of a selection of natural and refined raw materials.


Engage L’amante for Her is a classic fragrance with sparkling citrus fruit highlights with jasmine and tender rose notes. The addictive caramel and amber notes infused with sandalwood leave a lingering and sensual fragrance.


Montblanc Explorer takes you on a journey to virgin territories, with an unconventional woody aromatic-leather fragrance.


Each spray of Hugo Reversed begins with a burst of energizing Calabrian bergamot that ignites alertness, while zesty grapefruit offers a refreshing twist.