Rajiv Sheth and Krsnaa Mehta together, have launched a new range of fragrances called Eternal Garden. In total, there are four scents: Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver and Musk. While Sheth has worked on the fragrances, Mehta is responsible for its packaging and design.

Here’s presenting the collection.



From romance to respect, the emotions that the ethereal rose flower brings with it are incomparable. Fragrances inspired by the extracts of this beautiful flower instantly transport you into a world that is as divine as addictive.



Sensuality and warmth come together in this magnificent animalistic note. Since antiquity, the musk fragrance is well- known for its breathtaking aphrodisiac properties. Its unique fragrance and properties make it one of the most popular base note ingredients.



Fun, energy, and a lot of enthusiasm — get ready to be enveloped in all these moods as you spritz on a jasmine-based fragrance. The tender and sensual scent is the true epitome of ‘less is more’.



One of the finest scents ever, vetiver is known for its woody earthiness since times immemorial. It has a light yet deep, refreshing and long-lasting citrusy and earthy feel, making it one of the most popular notes in men’s fragrances.