Groom, best man, bridesmaid, bride… Who doesn’t want to look their best in a day and age where everything is on Instagram before it makes it to the wedding album?

Last year, Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya walked the red carpet at the Oscars wearing Fenty Beauty foundation. With time, brands have been trying to include more cosmetics for men as well. Sure, you might not see a best man holding a concealer stick in his pocket for the groom, but celebrity make-up artists emphasise on the importance of a good base for the groom to be able to look his fresh best.

Nature care expert Suparna Trikha says that skincare for the wedding needs to start two to three weeks in advance. “12 glasses of water, five to six pieces of fruit a day are much needed to hydrate the skin well in advance,” she says.


To pick a base, celebrity makeup and hair artist Rashmi Shastri says, pick a foundation that keep it one shade darker. “If you sweat a lot, don’t use water-based foundation,” she suggests.  From concealers to contour, men are experimenting with all aspects of make-up these days. However, it’s important to pick products that go with the undertone of your skin. “Indians mostly have a yellow undertone, so the concealer must be picked accordingly. Also, don’t pick shades that will make your neck look grey,” Shastri adds. The basic must-haves for the D-day will be: Hydrated skin, a lip balm with no tint and a basic under-eye concealer. “You can also go for a BB or CC cream under your base to avoid any dark skin areas,” says Shastri. Suparna suggests a brow pencil and basic foundation can do the trick for men who are conscious about make-up.


Every hair problem has a solution, guys. Experts — and all experts literally — emphasise on how important it is to keep body hair trimmed and your beard clean. Image and grooming consultant and expert Yatan Ahluwalia advises to keep the area above and behind the ears and the back of the neck clean and devoid of any hair. For the beard, he quips, “While its best to shave downward, some areas may require you to work your razor against the grain to achieve a clean, smooth look. If you have a beard, ensure there is a clean sharp line underneath so the neck looks clean. That said, beards are fading out and make you look old. Clean shave is the way to go.” Preps for hair before styling it, Trikha suggests, are turban conditioning and hair masks for deep conditioning to keep ypur hair soft and well-maintained. Shastri tips: “It’s important to make sure your stylist understands your features and gives you a style to enhance and bring out your best.”


The best way to pick a fragrance, according to Trikha, is to go for happier notes. “Pick aqua, citrus, woody or spicy fragrances. Citrus and spice is the best combination. People will keep hugging you, so you don’t want to put them off by a strong and heavy note,” she suggests. Ahluwalia suggests: “Apply a fragrance on the wrist and other side of the neck. Never apply a fragrance directly on to your clothes.”