The new Healers range by Liberty offers footwear in six technologies that are high on fashion and also provide relief from various issues that may plague your feet. 

Liberty, the country’s leading footwear manufacturer, has taken comfort to the next level with the new Healers range. Known to offer styles as per the latest trends, the brand’s new collection is inspired by market feedback which said that customers are most inclined to buying footwear with pronounced health benefits. Foot health is body health, so the collection was crafted with an aim to empower people in body and mind, starting with their feet.

The Healers range consists of foot massagers, shoes, insoles and sandals to relax, stimulate, and improve your health. The new models combine style and technology to improve circulation, increase energy levels and add vitality. While the six models cover a wide spectrum — from chic and formal to dressy and casual shoes — they aren’t targeted at only those with foot-related ailments. With a footbed consisting of massage nodules shaped and graded to the contour of the foot for comfort, stimulation and support, these styles find favour with anyone looking for a stylish yet comfortable shoe.


Footwear made using this technology massages eight key pressure points on your sole — which are connected to your vital organs — activates the self-healing mechanism of related organs and helps ensure their effective functioning. This ensures better flow of energy throughout your body, alleviates oedema, relieves muscle tension for pain relief and improves sleep patterns. In all, it gives you eight good reasons to feel your best.


Healers footwear with H4 technology helps to make you feel good four times over. It features an air circulation system that keeps your feet fresh all day long, helps absorb shock and maintain control and stimulates the pressure points in your feet to relieve aches and pain, along with stress and tension


Healers also come with HA technology that relaxes and relieves stress in your feet and helps your feet and body to feel great through the principles of acupressure.


Healers footwear with H technology insoles improves your sleep pattern, enhances your blood circulation and boosts your sense of wellbeing. The massage nodes work together to stimulate, relax and refresh feet with every step, by activating the 15,000 nerve ends at the sole of the feet.


Check out Healers footwear with Memory Foam technology that prevents foot tiredness and heel shock. Plush, comfy Memory Foam insoles are a treat for feet of any size or shape.


Healers footwear with H1 technology eliminates heel pain and enhances foot comfort.