H&M moves ahead with its sustainability initiatives by launching a latest recycling system. Titled as the ‘Loop,’ a machine that aims to turn your old clothes into new ones in front of you. The machine was launched in one of its Drottninggatan stores in Stockholm.

The machine conveniently transforms your old clothing into new fashion pieces in the most eco-friendly way. Firstly, it cleans the and shreds the garment into its base fiber and later turns into a new yarn. In certain cases, sustainably sourced virgin materials will need to be added to help bulk out the yarn, but this is done with caution and is limited as much as possible. The machine uses no water or any sorts of chemicals, resulting into a new yarn that can then be knitted to create new clothes.

The fast-fashion company aims that all of its  materials will be recycled or sourced in a more sustainable ways by 2030. Loop is now in store and open to public use now, making it the first fast-fashion brand to introduce a firsthand service.