Buying pants are no joke, not for anyone. Until you find the one that hugs your skin like it’s supposed to, accentuates parts that need to be accentuated and basically looks great on you, you will not rest easy. And neither should you. On any given work day, the humble pair of trousers will take you through in a breeze, should you get it right with your best friend, the tailor. Here’s how you can do just that.

trousers aditya roy kapoor

How to buy the perfect pair of trousers every single time

Fabrics matter

Cotton, wool, woollen blends, viscose, and polyester will all be your friends when you’re out trouser fabric shopping. The way it sits on your skin depending on the weather is the key to identifying which one will suit you the best.

Pay heed to length and width

Okay, we get it. You want your man goods to look buff. That’s actually a good plan. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with the tightness of the stitching. As for the length, it should be just long enough.

Play with a higher waistline

It’s all about the low rise nowadays, but your butt may end up looking like their isn’t any. Choose a higher waistline that’s just right and covers all grounds.

It’s okay not to wear a belt

Your love for your belts is understandable, although unnecessary. Take the belt out of the equation as well as the trousers and get yourself a pair of trousers that holds on its own.

Try them before you buy them

This is obviously important. Unless you go in for a trial, you won’t know what the result looks and feels like.