Restaurateurs Ryan and Keenan Tham spill the beans on how to make a style statement. 


■ I love belts and keep collecting them. I feel they add a lot to any look, be it casual or formal.

■ My style is more crisp and casual, which is why my wardrobe would be incomplete without well-fitted linen pants, shirts, rough denims and obviously my belt collection.

■ Shoes are absolutely crucial to any look. Pairing your outfit with the wrong pair of shoes can ruin any look, so you need to pay extra attention there.

■ My weekend look would ideally be a relaxed T-shirt with comfortable jeans.

■ I like teaming up coloured shoes or pants with a basic white T-shirt when I feel the need to add colour to my look.

■ Packing for any holiday is incomplete without sunglasses.


■ A smart watch, pocket square and nice shoes can make a man’s look for any given occasion.

■ My five wardrobe must-haves are a bespoke suit, a classic white shirt, blue jeans, black and brown belts and classic formal black shoes.

■ The classic white shirt-blue jeans look never goes out of style — it looks clean and classy.

■ My most prized item of clothing is an extremely wellfitted suit, designed by my wife for me.

■ Casual pants have taken precedence over formal pants, and they work best for both work wear as well as for a night out.