We spoke to Randeep Hooda to ask him for some tips that men could use to improve their sense of personal style. 

■ Fashion is something that should complement you. It should make you feel cooler when you wear it, or look at yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the trending thing.

■ You can never go wrong with classics, but you have got to break out every now and then.

■ My last fashion purchase was a satchel from Ralph Lauren.

■ Today, the boundaries of men and women in terms of fashion have blurred a little. I think men can wear a lot of things without looking too other-worldly, and there are a lot of men who do.

■ I think there are many men I find stylish, from George Clooney to Arjun Rampal. Salman Khan is very funky, and Shah Rukh is stylish as well.

■ Besides good underwear, a man should have a good pair of jeans that fits well, a comfortable pair of shoes and definitely some great T-shirts. I am more of a T-shirt kind of guy. High street brands like Splash always have a good range on offer.

■ When it comes to grooming, it is better to be rough around the edges. If you look too groomed, you look too clean. My mother had told me when I was very young: “Who has washed a lion’s face?” and it’s held me in good stead.

■ I think Indian men have to stop tucking things in their pants.

■ For a formal occasion, a man should wear a well fitted black suit. You can never go wrong with black.