Rihanna has reportedly filed for the trademark of ‘Fenty Hair’.

According to new legal filings, Roraj Trade LLC, Rihanna’s company, has filed a new trademark application for Fenty Hair. And, as anyone would guess, that trademark would cover product categories such as hair care preparation, hair colour, hair styling, straightening or relaxing, dandruff shampoo, and more.


Considering the singer’s long commitment to inclusion and diversity, it’s more than likely that Fenty Hair will cater to a range of hair types and textures. Fans quickly took to social media to ask Rihanna for her new venture. Take a look at it.


Despite the closure of her ready to wear fashion label, Fenty, the other branches of her fashion and beauty empire continue to succeed. Fenty Hair follows Fenty Beauty (the cosmetics label was launched in September 2017) and Fenty Skin (specializing in skincare and made available in July last year), both of which were seen dominating the beauty industry. Like other arms of the Fenty brand, it is expected that Fenty Hair will push an ethos of inclusivity and diversity, which, in market terms, are key brand qualities for younger, Gen Z shoppers.

When the singer’s Fenty Skin was launched, it was already on reselling platforms. She debuted gender-inclusive skincare, similar to Fenty Beauty. The skincare line initially consisted of three products: Cleanser, toner-serum and moisturiser with SPF ranging between $25 to $35. Resellers had already listed the products on sites like eBay, which are priced from $100 and upwards. Products were already on offer on eBay for up to $550.

According to a report by Forbes, Fenty Beauty reported $100 million USD in sales in its first few weeks, figures that point to similar success with Fenty Hair. Fenty Skin started out-earning other skincare giants like Drunk Elephant and Supergoop! even before the brand was launched.

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