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Lightweight Jackets You Can Layer On All Year Round

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We may have bid farewell to the chilly months of the year but are yet again in a transitional phase where nothing one wears is weather appropriate. One moment it could be perfectly sunny and the other, almost cloudy ready for a downpour. Times like these make it challenging to maintain a wardrobe that checks all boxes. Contrary to popular belief, jackets are the one item of clothing perfect for this in-between transitional weather. Lightweight fabrics are not only easy to carry but are an excellent layer on option when just a basic tee is not good enough to do the job. Below, we have a bunch of options you should definitely try. 


SKULT by Shahid Kapoor

The colour blocked bomber jacket is the one you need to amp your t-shirt and denim jeans. 



Give camo a nod with this sporty jacket. You could throw it in on almost anything.



Slightly on the dressy end, this beige tone jacket when paired with slim fit trousers and loafers can be your go-to at work or on a date night. 


Jack & Jones

There are some days when putting it any effort seems a bit too much. This jacket comes in handy and looks cool when paired with sneakers. 


Forever 21

It’s baggy, a tab bit oversized, and perfect with your otherwise tailored look. 


ADIDAS Originals

Big on utility, rest assured the jacket will add the right amount of colour pop to your outfit.



The jacket is engineered with motion protect technology and can easily transcend from day to night.