It is universally acknowledged that Zenith is a master of chronographs. The brand’s recent Chronomaster collection, which also won the 2021 GPHG award for Best Chronograph Watch Prize, is a sign of their mastery over the complication.

But not many are aware that Zenith is a brand that has so much more to offer in terms of expertise in high-end movement and its long history in chronometry. So providing us with a stark reminder of Zenith’s other strengths is its two latest stellar creations—the DEFY Zero-G, and DEFY Double Tourbillon in transparent sapphire. Limited to 10 pieces each, the two new watches feature two of Zenith’s most complicated and advanced movements set with a contemporary approach to design and materials.


Zenith developed its Gravity Control mechanism to overcome the effects of gravity on chronometric precision. This mechanism is fixed to a gimbal that always remains flat regardless of how the watch is rotated. For the DEFY Zero-G, Zenith has wholly redesigned the movement with a new architecture that enables the watch to feature a more exhibitive display. The transparent sapphire case further adds to a 360-degree view of the inner workings of the new hand-wound El Primero 8812 S calibre equipped with 50 hours of power reserve.


The DEFY Zero-G watch comes in a 46mm entire sapphire case set with an open-worked dial. At noon, the off-centred dial houses a mosaic of meteorite, aventurine glass and grand feu enamel on a gold base. It depicts our neighbouring planet Mars on the small seconds partially eclipsed by the hour and minute dial. One can also find a power reserve indicator on the right side of the dial. On the case back sits an open-worked movement whose main plate and bridges feature a blue tone finish and contrasting grey rhodium chamfers dotted with white stars of different sizes.

DEFY Double Tourbillon Sapphire

Featuring a chronograph with two independent tourbillon escapements – one completing rotations in 60 seconds for the time-keeping tourbillon and another super-fast 5 seconds rotating for the chronograph’s tourbillon – the newly released DEFY Double Tourbillon is a one-of-a-kind timepiece. With the foundation of the function based on the DEFY 21 models, the 2021 DEFY Double Tourbillon features a tourbillon instead of traditional regulating organs.


In terms of the watch’s overall design, the DEFY Double Tourbillon is inspired by the “Starry Sky” aesthetic. It features a 46mm sapphire crystalline case with an open-worked dial. Like the DEFY Zero-G, the main plate of the movement running the watch is decorated with a striking blue PVD tone finish with some dial-side bridges engraved with stars. The combination of blue and silver gives it a serious look that is designed to look great on the wrist. Available in black rubber with a blue ‘Cordura effect’ fabric strap, the DEFY Double Tourbillon is an exceptional timepiece worthy of every penny.

A Special Offering

Interestingly, since the two timepieces are limited editions of 10 pieces each, Zenith has offered the 20 owners of the two watches an opportunity to hop on a parabolic zero-gravity flight. The event is scheduled to take place in February 2022, where Zenith, in partnership with Novespace (a subsidiary of the French Space Centre), will offer its customers an experience of weightlessness.

According to the brand, “Guests will arrive at the Novespace facility in Bordeaux, France, where they will meet with their instructors. French astronaut Jean-François Clervoy will also be present at the pre-flight conference. The flight itself will consist of 15 parabolas, where the airplane ascends than plunges in a freefall to reproduce the effect of floating in weightlessness in a perceived absence of gravity.”

The DEFY Zero-G and the DEFY Double Tourbillon Sapphire carry a price tag of  Rs 1.30 crore and
Rs 1.47 crore (approximately).