Luxury streetwear brand Off White and the Louvre museum have come together for a special capsule collection. The collection includes t-shirts and sweatshirts showcasing designs primarily inspired by the work Leondardo Da Vinci. The collection is the designer and founder, Virgil Abloh’s ode to the artist and was designed to honour his work.

The collection includes two particular Da Vinci artworks that have been incorporated in the collection — The Virgin of the Rocks and Saint Anne. Abloh specifically chose these two paintings instead of working with the more popular paintings like The Last Supper or Mona Lisa in order to educate people about Da Vinci’s other artworks. The designs feature Off White’s signature arrow morphed with the two Da Vinci’s paintings.


According to Standard, Abloh was reported saying, “I want to crash together these two worlds that are seemingly different: fashion and high art. It’s a crucial part of my overall body of work to prove that any place, no matter how exclusive it seems, is accessible to everyone. I think that Leonardo da Vinci was maybe the first artist to live by that principle, and I am trying to as well.”

This isn’t the first time Abloh has included the work of Da Vinci in one of his collections. His latest IKEA collection included a backlit Mona Lisa which proved to be one of the most popular products from the collaboration.

The Off White-Louvre collection is up for grabs right now at Off White’s store in Milan and Paris, the Louvre’s online store and Farfetch.