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The Most Quirky Vans Collaborations Of All Time

We look at the most unique collaborations the brand has ever released

Vans, as a brand, is never shy of going one step ahead and experimenting with their designs. And that belief, has left then with some very, very quirky designs. Not that quirky is bad, but Vans just has a habit of taking it a little too far, and its worked for them positively almost every single time.

The sneaker giant is on the level of Nike and Adidas when it comes to the amount of high profile names associated with them. From film franchises to designers who all own a very different definition of fashion, and make sure they bring that while designing the shoe. But the most unique thing about Vans is the range of artists that have collaborated with them. They’ve had Zio Ziegler, a San Francisco mural artist, as well as a high-profile designer such as Marc Jacobs design for them.

Vans have always found the perfect balance between making casual skating shoes to well thought out ones with detailed design elements. But they’ve also released some really quirky shoes throughout the years, and here’s our pick of the quirkiest Vans collaborations ever:

Van Gogh x Vans

Peanuts x Vans

Stussy x Vans

Marvel x Vans

Takashi Murakami x Vans

Star Wars x Vans

The Beatles x Vans

Disney x Vans



All images taken from Vans official website