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[Review] Durable and Reliable – The Adidas Solar Boost Is A Must-Buy For Runners

The adidas Solar Boost is a must-buy for runners, and not just because it looks great. Here’s our review

One of the hero running shoes from the adidas stable this year, the Solar Boost has been around for a couple of months, but its success and overwhelmingly good reviews definitely mean it’s here to stay – and hopefully the brand will get down to working on upgrades and more colourways soon.

Going by the first look alone, it’s an attractive shoe that grows on you with its unique colour scheme. I’ve worn it as a lifestyle sneaker too, and fetched a number of compliments.

Now for what matters most. As a runner, I have long been a fan of the springy Boost foam that is a trademark of the adidas. The Solar Boost retains this cushioned midsole, beefing it up with support of the upper through the midfoot. There’s some added foam under the toe as well, which adds to the bounce and energy return. It manages to do so without getting too heavy – at approx 300 gms, it’s not an ultra light shoe, but it isn’t too heavy either. In fact, the weight coupled with the broad base make it the ideal pick for more intense activity such as hill climbs.

What’s interesting to me is the sales pitch adidas came up with for this shoe – they call it ‘rocket science you can wear’, and is said to be inspired by NASA engineering. This is definitely not just a good-looking shoe; it’s high on functionality too. A first-of-its-kind Tailored Fibre Placement technology lays down fibres featuring Parley material content in the midfoot. This is the predominant reason behind the superb construction and support. More innovations include an energy rail that increases stability and Optimised Stretchweb – a rubber outsole with adaptable grip for a smoother, flexible run. All in all, the result is a shoe that balances stretch and support to offer a sock-like fit that feels like it’s made to your size.

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To me, the Solar Boost is a must-buy because it strikes a great balance between some important factors – durability, cushioning, great fit and support. My only grouse is the colour scheme of the women’s variant, which pales in comparison to the one for men.