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Just as September approaches every year, the environment suddenly changes into a festive mood, everyone’s being nice to everyone, and then there’s the chance to wear something other than your office dress shirt: the famed kurta.

The kurta has played an essential role in the man’s wardrobe for the longest time. What Nehru wore under his jacket made it a desirable combination for so many men in the following decades. If you really think about it, this is also kind of a history lesson. Coming back to the style one, the men’s festive armour doesn’t get any better than that… or can it?

Shirts are perceived to be a choice for daily perusal. It’s something that you probably have in every colour sitting in your wardrobe waiting to be worn like a uniform to the office. But if you pay more attention to the details of it all, you can make it work during times like Diwali, as well. 

Just think about it– you don’t have to invest in options that you can wear on any other day. All you need to do is consider things like fabrics patterns, different buttons, collars and so on. If you get a bright silk shirt that comes with a band collar, unique buttons and interesting lining, you’re basically colouring outside the lines, and in this case, for good.

If you’re even going for a number that comes in a floral pattern and an interesting button lining, wearing a shirt can become a different deal altogether.

Pairing the shirt can be a bit tricky, because the suit already exists and you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole again, during festivities. So what are your options? There’s ethnic vests, longlines, lightweight cotton jackets and tons of other options that won’t weigh you down.