We ask Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO of Mercedes-Benz India to pick his style, food and drink, travel and technology favourites. 


Jeans — Boss

Suits — Kinslager

Watches — IWC

Shirts — Kinslager (made-to-measure)

Casuals — Anything that is colourful

Shoes — Handmade, or Allen Edmonds from the US

Ties — Hugo Boss

Sunglasses — Luxottica


Restaurant — Trishna in Mumbai for seafood

Bar/ Club — Anything that is rooftop. Paasha, JW Marriott (Pune, India); The Heli Lounge (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Dish — Steak and fries, sausages and Bavarian food such as pork and potatoes. Also vegetarian food

Spirit — Moscow Mule, Negroni and anything that mixes with vodka or gin is nice to have to relax in the evening.

City — Pune, Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Stuttgart and all the places in the French Riviera. It’s a lot to do with which stage of your life you’re at, and at what time of the year you visit.


Hometown — Georgetown

Destination — New Zealand

Activity — Hiking, mountain biking


Phone — iPhone 7+

App — A health app to give me insights like blood pressure, pulse rates, body index etc.

Website — Anything that gives me new updates, German newspapers or British Financial Times issues


Fragrance — L’Occitane

Razor — Gillette