Vegan skincare and accessories have had a serious boom in recent years and chances are that you are using a handful of vegan products in your routine without even realising it. From footwear to grooming, check out these products that should be on your to-buy list.

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Mcaffeine has introduced moisturisers that are oil-free, lightweight and has deep moisturisation formulas. These moisturisers come in three types: Coffee, Cappuccino, and Latte. They are 100% natural, vegan and free from parabens.



The Body Shop’s Skin Lemon purifying and protection range is made with lemon essential oil. The range features face wash, body lotion, hand wash, hair mist and body wash. All products are vegan and fully recyclable.



The Switch Fix and Goodmylk have partnered to create a one-of-its-kind Vegan Plant Mylk based Shampoo Bar. The Switch Fix Mylky Way Shampoo Bar created with Goodmylk helps tame the frizz. It’s especially suited for those with damaged hair or those living in humid areas. 



If you are looking for a vegan make-up option, Anastasia Beverly Hill is a perfect match for you. They have invested in providing the best vegan makeup across the categories. The brand’s makeup products are labelled with the ‘Vegan tag’ on the product’s packaging.  Their latest collection, ‘ICED – OUT’, is completely cruel free featuring Brow Freeze, Highlighter and lip gloss.



Greensole retails in sustainable footwear to consumers as well as refurbishes old shoes into in-style comfortable eco-friendly footwear for underprivileged kids. The footwear brand offers a wide range of styles that includes slip-on, sport, lace-up and flip flops. Each pair is handcrafted to perfection using sustainable material. All the footwear uppers are made from rewashed canvas, dye print and come with comfortable and breathable padding.


Plum Bodylovin’ has come up with aluminium and baking soda free de-odorizing pit creams that keep your armpits odour-free for more than twelve hours. These deodorant creams are enriched with
kaolin that neutralizes odour-causing bacteria, green tea oil that keeps germs away, ocean-derived minerals that help absorb sweat and cocoa butter to keep your pits moisturized.


Foret is a PETA approved sustainable brand. The label works with artisans in India to create accessories from recycled cork. You can find accessories such as wallets, bracelets as well as cufflinks. 
Phy’s Headspace Styling Gel is a vegan hair styling product for men that is made from safe plant actives like aloe and rice extracts. It is free from harmful synthetic polymers, safe for the hair and offers a light hold that keeps the hair naturally set through the day.