Shahid Kapoor has earned the license to shout ‘hide yo’ kids, hide your wives’ from the rooftops while smirking to himself.

By any luck, if you still have pictures of yourself from back when you were in college, you will want to crawl back into the angst-y teenage hole you called your  bedroom which was probably covered in Nickelback‘s posters because no one in their right mind wants anyone to see the old version of them.

At one point of time, even Shahid Kapoor–Bollywood’s resident grooming don first, actor second– was all of us in our rough times. And by rough times, we mean bad hair decisions and style choices. So when 2009 saw his less-than-appealing look, the world was okay with it, until his early 2000s hipster vibe through his man bangs weren’t working anymore in the late 2000s.

Things started looking up for Shahid when 2014 came around and his movie Haider hit the theatres and despite the fact that the buzz cut and the beard were a part of his character, they actually gave character to Shahid’s personality on a whole. 

What really put Shahid on the map is his full grown facial fuzz making its debut in 2015 when he was probably looking for Mira Kapoor nee Rajput’s hand in marriage. Post his wedding and him becoming a father, Shahid’s game just kept getting better, what, with a mop of hair that comes alive every time he swishes it and his royal beard that’s every man’s envy. So, it all boils down to this: what next will Kapoor do to push the limits in terms of grooming? Will he bring the clean-shaven look back into business?