Shahid Kapoor is known for making sartorial style choices. His festive kurta-looks have proved that the actor takes immense effort to bring out the best with each passing year. From adding athleisure elements to a kurta to embellishments and prints, Kapoor has experimented with all sorts of looks.

This festive season, you definitely do not want to wish to show up in basic denim and a graphic tee, while your friends are dressed to the nines. Take some inspiration from Kapoor to add certain elements while dressing up this season. Here are five kurta looks to that will definitely help you while dressing up.


shahid kapoor kurta look

Kapoor paired this embellished kurta with white pants, making a perfect monochrome festive look. Embellishments in any form adds a highlight to the festive-look.


In this look, the actor paired a burgundy waist coast over a chocolate brown kurta. A waist coat always brightens up a basic look. You can wear a cream kurta and add a coloured waist coat, that will instantly perfect the festive look.


Here you can see, Kapoor has worn a denim worn. He has easily combined western and Indian style, making it easier to wear this fit on any occasion.


Shahid Kapoor print kurta

Prints are always a good option. Nothing can go wrong with prints if you carefully choose the print and pair with a proper colour combination. You can choose a darker colour palette if you are going for evening festive parties.


shahid kapoor lemon kurta

Bright colours are the most easy ones to wear, as they are the most opted for festive seasons. You can pick any sort of bright coloured kurta and you’re good to go. Pair it with sneakers for a casual look.

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