With the ongoing coronavirus virus pandemic, everything has changed drastically. It also means it’s going to affect the way we celebrate Diwali this year. No huge gatherings or constantly visiting your friends’ houses for Diwali food.

Most of us may stick to the routine of celebrating the festive season with close friends or just family. But this shouldn’t stop you from dressing up. It’s time to bring out your ethnic wear out fo the closet, experimenting with different styling this time. To help you with it, Shahid Kapoor’s stylist Anisha Jain is going to guide with us on how to dress for the gharwali Diwali this year.

Check out how you can dress for the three occasions.



For this look, Jain says, “She style Kapoor with Anita Dongre’s kurta for festivities. The outfit is perfect for the occasion as the colour combination is simple but it still stands out. We opted for lace-up shoes instead of going for traditional Indian shoes with it and that makes it different.”



Jain continues: “Kapoor wore this outfit for one of the festive parties. It’s lovely and simple but at the same time, it’s so sharp and between everyone who was wearing colour and embroidery, it just stands out so well and makes a statement. You can enjoy the night as the outfit is cool and breezy, making it more comfortable.”



“This Khanijo outfit is perfect for Bhai Dooj. It adds colour and you can literally wear this with jeans or wear with formal pants. It’s your choice, you can take any route. But just the fact like it’s print and colours mixed together, it’s fun for an outing with your sibling,” Jain concludes.

These three tips would definitely take your style game to next level, this festive season. 

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