Gifting a man should be the easiest thing considering that most things we own either get lost or end up broken. And then there’s the constant need to upgrade too. Well, here is a list just in time for Valentine’s that should make the browsing easier. How do I know this is fail-proof? Simple, I have used all these personally so I can share on good authority that these are worth every loan needed to pay for it all!

The best bit, many of the things mentioned here would still be worth a re-sell if he gets bored of it, which, at least with most men I know, definitely happens in about 2-3 months. And in case you end up breaking up with the bloke a few weeks down, just re-gift it to the next chap because, it’s men, we aren’t all that picky, or complicated.


While you wait for the remaining five episodes of the fourth season of Rick and Morty to premier this year, these official flip-flops are definitely a hot buy.

Portable Projector

Home theatre setups can be elaborate and more than the time, patience and right amount of compatible gear, they need sheer space to be setup. The Viewsonic M1 portable projector is bright enough to work in the day (but draw the curtains still) and powerful enough to project a good-sized image with ample sound to fill all around. The 6-hr battery life means it is good for a movie or two.


Nothing beats Marshall for the complete amalgamation of sound, aesthetic and price. They have an entire range to suit individual budgets.

Pocket Square

Like many old Britons, I always believed that any amount of money you spend on a pocket square is too much. Nevertheless, I managed to convince myself to get myself to Liberty of London for my fix now and then. Recently however I was introduced to Goulian Finch, a homegrown brand that elevates pocket squares to an art form, what with their Benaras silk pieces with Zari embroidery. Pricy, but worth it.


Ecco launched recently in India and finally, we can claim to have a shoe that is comfortable like second skin but not a sports shoe, or a formal shoe that looks so sporty that it doesn’t quite do justice to a slim-cut Italian suit.

Another brand which I have enjoyed thoroughly for their design and build quality is Churchill & Company, a homegrown one at that too! Designed in Northampton but made here in India, they are truly world-class in appearance, quality of materials and wear-feel and at a price that will probably entice to get two! I recommend both these brands highly if formal shoes is what you are after.

Leather Accessories

A quaint Swiss brand, De Sede, recently landed in Delhi and, although better known for making couches, their small leather goods range is very elegant. And from our home turf, a name worth pursuing is Godbole Gear who not only have leather goods that will last you a lifetime but can also be customised for you, not just for initials but right down to the shade of leather you wish to have it fashioned in.