Platinum jewellery essentials, such as chains, bracelets, kadas and rings, fall in the circle of trust like few things do. You can rely on them to be subtle, strong, classy and rare. You can believe they reflect your taste in the most magisterial manner. You can feel in your bones their simple perfection. With minimalistic pieces inspired by geometrical forms, the new platinum collection shows off a bold interplay of lines, structures and dual colour tones. Platinum jewellery, which is 95 per cent pure, will appeal to your sense of practicality as the metal withstands the rigours of daily wear, lasting a lifetime.

Denim Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger

Platinum Chains by Joyalukkas

Jymper by Brooks Brothers

Platinum Kada and bracelet by Joyalukkas


Photographer: Kunal Gupta

Hair and Makeup: Jean-Claude Biguine