The 2020 NBA League had a lot of firsts. This was the first time athletes played a game inside the Bubble, with no crowds. But this year also marked the first time the sports organisation collaborated with a luxury designer to prepare a special trophy case.



Louis Vuitton was given a special task to create a unique, luxurious case for the prestigious trophy. But now, we’ve learnt there’s a lot more yet to come. While the players can enjoy the LV monogrammed case, regular buyers can expect to get their hands (or feet) on a new NBA x LV sneaker.

From the looks of it, the shoe takes heavy styling cues from the Louis Vuitton Creeper boots with its chunky midsole, brown colour palette, and metal LV flowers embedded on the heel.



But again, that’s not it. Apart from the shoe, a limited-edition men’s wear capsule collection will also be released including bags, jackets, track-suits, and jewelry, all designed by Virgil Abloh.

“Fashion muses aren’t predictable. Ideas of luxury can be found in the sports world and its champions as much as in traditional forms of artistry. This collection celebrates the cultural contribution of basketball and its diverse characters, and the idea of relatability as a force of unity today,” Abloh said in a statement announcing the collection.

The limited-edition NBA x LV capsule collection, which includes the shoes, will go on sale on November 20 online.