In the world of experimentation, men are not far behind. With each passing year, men have become comfortable experimenting with their hairstyles and are trying out new looks. However, the whole process can be a little confusing for the first-timers. So we dug up some do’s and don’t’s that will come in handy if you’re getting your hair coloured anytime soon. Take note 


Know Your Colour

The most confusing part about getting hair coloured is deciding the colour. People spend months switching from one colour to another. The key is to have an idea of what colour goes best with what skin tone. For instance, medium brown colour works best for people with fair tones while dark brown looks good on a sun-kissed complexion. There are options for all skin types, you just need to have a faint idea about what would look best on you.  



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Do Your Research

What you like today, you may not want a week later. Therefore it’s essential to do your research and clear all your doubts beforehand. It is advisable to talk to someone who has gone through the process and can give you the detailed information. Going to a couple of salons before picking the right one is necessary. You don’t want to realise you made the wrong choice later when there will be no room for regrets. As they say, better safe than sorry!



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Highlights Are The Way To Go 

Highlights are added to enhance depth and texture in your hair subtly, but some men refrain from getting it done as they are afraid of how it may turn out. We just want to say, if you never try, you’ll never know. Getting highlights could go in either direction, so highlight your hair at your own risk. Speak to a professional who would understand and consider the factors like the density of your hair, length, style and then lay out a couple of practical options for you to choose from. 



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Go Bold

If you’re someone who enjoys going all out, why not go for a completely unique look. If you may dare, then opt for colours like red or platinum blond, or even pink. Red is not for all, but it would suit those with fair or medium complexion with preferably thick hair. Similarly, people with light eyes and short hair could easily pull off platinum blonde hair. 



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Keep Your Overall Look In Mind

Think about how the hair colour would look in the sun, when at work or when you are on a date.  Picture yourself in that hair colour, get a wig if you may. Think about all the outfits that will look good with the hair colour and everything you won’t be able to wear.



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Step Up Your Hairstyle Game

Getting a new haircut with the hair colour will absolutely accentuate the look. You might like your hair colour more with the new haircut. Besides, no rule says you can only make one change at a time. 



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Avoid The Damage 

It’s no secret that with hair colour comes a lot of damage. In fact, you need to take extra care and precaution after getting your hair coloured. Coloured hair tends to get dry, especially around the roots. There are products specially designed to treat dyed hair, indulge in that. Some shampoos and conditioners help the colour last longer. Other than that, monthly spa trips and various hair mask application will help maintain the texture and softness of the hair. 



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