That camo jacket needs to go.

Instagram is a very public social media tool, unless you turn the privacy on and trust your followers not to take screenshots of your colourful feed. But when it is public, you have to tiptoe around people and feelings sometime or the other. Not Karan Johar. No, sirree. However, we’re strictly talking about the fashion sense here. Reacting to his Instagram page is akin to watching a play that invites gasps and shrieks from the audiences. It’s not pretty. Let’s dive into some observations here:

The Sunglasses

First of all, weirdly shaped sunglasses are not the future of style. It might look great on Ranveer now but not even he can convince anyone to wear them. Johar wearing them is out of the question.

Karan Johar

The Shoes

This is just pitiful. To be honest, the Gucci shoes are a great design but it doesn’t look right on him. As for the sneakers with text on them, it’s just like a bad joke format on Twitter.

The Jackets

Can we just take moment to taken in the fact that Johar has worn a camo jacket in and out of airports, in and out of meetings and more than places than everyone was expecting. The other green jacket here just plain wrong on him. As for the animal prints, Nicky Minaj is the only person in the entire world who’d wear it and pull it off like second skin.

Overall Outfits

In summation, Karan Johar looks best when he’s styled by his fashion designer and stylist friends from the industry. His suits and sherwanis are out of this world because maybe someone intervened and said to him to step away from the cheetah printed chudidar. When he’s left to explore on his own, it’s close to an apocalyptic disaster. Both the looks below say it all. However, it leads us to question whether Karan Johar really doesn’t know what does well on his person or he’s just trying too hard to make a style statement.

All images: Karan Johar/Instagram