This is Akshay Tyagi. 

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Akshay is a celebrity stylist. Meaning his coworkers include Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra, Sushant Singh Rajput and Hrithik Roshan. So, you know, he’s got a sweet life.


But Akshay’s work also requires him to make Bollywood celebrities look like a million bucks according to the occasion.

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Breaking down celebrity style just by looking at photos can be a tough break due to just the sheer amount of time invested into their personal style, their posture and their body language. Lucky for us, MW got a chance to speak with Akshay who, by now you may have guessed, has got first-hand experience and advice on how to dress like a male celebrity. Here’s what he’s got to say:

What is the hottest festive wear clothing this season in menswear?

The great thing is bling and patterns are now starting to get accepted in mainstream fashion. People are starting to understand how to accessorise. Things like pocket squares, lapel pins and silhouettes are taken more into consideration.

What’s the one trend that doesn’t work for men anymore?

The idea of trends itself is dead. Having an individualistic sense and putting your own voice in is what makes a man’s style stand out.

What’s the most difficult colour to pull off, in general?

I would say pink. However, the idea is not make it a focal point of your outfit. Incorporating it in bits and pieces like pink socks, pink pocket squares and more makes its a more viable styling option.

What can Indian men try in off-beat festive wear?

Play with western silhouettes but wear it in an Indian manner. (Refer below) Gaurav Khanijo does something similar and I think it’s very cool.

For a guy whose built is similar to Varun Dhawan’s, what would you recommend in festive wear?

Things like shorter kurtas with fitted pyjamas and churidars work great for someone whose similar to Varun Dhawan’s body type. The point is to use less fabric and keep it crisp.

For a lean guy like Sidharth Malhotra, what kind of formal suits would look good?

Printed suits are quite fun and it would look great on someone like Sidharth because he’s tall and the prints just come to life.

And for someone like Hrithik who’s got a V-shaped torso?

Double breasted suits with enhanced buttons, broader lapels and just playing with silhouettes would look good.