With the new made-to-measure Swatch X You series, Swatch fans play the part of budding designer themselves. Customers can create their own signature Swatch in just five easy steps, either online or in-store. Featuring pre-designed watch heads, straps, loops and pins, the process makes watchmaking a snap. First, one is required to select a Gent or New Gent case size, followed by a watch head. Next, choose both sections of the silicone strap at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock – from solid mint green to racy red stripes. Finish off each unique look with a loop. For those who can’t get enough, they can add a pin or an extra loop, with images including a birthday cake, flying heart and wedding bands, and other favourite events. By simply tagging #swatchXme on social media, newfound designers can launch their creations worldwide.