Gucci unveiled a powerful campaign for its iconic 25H collection featuring British actor, producer and musician, Idris Elba. The campaign for the collection which is inspired by modern architecture and sleek forms features endorsed and still-life images and videos of the actor. The campaign blends hints of a retro spirit and aesthetics with an original photographic execution that commemorates the unique design and variations of the 25H collection. 

Idris Elba Stars in New Gucci 25H Campaign

Featuring a multi-layered silhouette and an ultra-thin profile, the GUCCI 25H collection is distinctively recognised by its clean lines, contrasting finishes and an integrated bracelet. A contemporary piece of horology, the GUCCI 25H marks an important touchstone for the brand and its 50 years of watchmaking expertise. 

Alt Text: Idris Elba Stars in New Gucci 25H Campaign

As mentioned before, the campaign is an amalgamation of a vintage spirit with contemporary aesthetics. In the video of the campaign, Idris Elba is seen contemplating his relationship with time in a monologue. Supporting this theme is the flurry of endorsed images that feature the same the same retro-styled pose and ‘screen idol’ self-assurance seen in the video. 

The video has been directed by Ezra Petronio and photographed by Mert & Marcus. The film and the endorsed images bring together a special fusion of contemporary lighting, language and visual expression with a vintage edge that works in perfect accordance under the tagline ‘It’s Gucci Time.’ Furthermore, Elba brings his personal charm and magnetism to the campaign that gives it something new and unexpected in the world of luxury watches. 

The timepieces featured in the campaign includes several automatic editions from the collection that are fitted with the Gucci GG727.25 caliber. Elba adorns the 40mm steel model in the video along with counterparts in steel and diamonds. Additionally, two tourbillon editions housing Gucci’s exclusive Caliber flying tourbillon also appears in the campaign along with several other pieces in different sizes and styles of the quartz editions available in ultra-fine 4mm cases. 

Idris Elba Stars in New Gucci 25H Campaign

Campaign credits: 

Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Director: Ezra Petronio

Photographer & Director: Mert & Marcus

Make-up: Jojo Williams

Hair: Riaze Foster

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