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Which wristwatch suits your personality type? We provide some broad generalizations

Your Personality, Your Watch

We provide some broad generalizations that suits your personality type

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There was a time when most people used the wrist watch for time keeping. Not any more.  In the digital world that we live in, surrounded by desktops, laptop, tablets etc., indications of time are everywhere. Gradually and quietly, over the last decade or so the wristwatch has transformed itself into more of a fashion accessory, rather than something we wear for its utility; a sartorial necessity like a cufflink, or a pocket square or a bracelet. For many men in fact it is the only piece of jewelry they will wear, besides maybe a wedding band if they are married. The watch in that sense has become an extension of your personality, something that reflects your inner style and character.

You like the swagger, shimmer and the flash. You like your watch to make a statement even before you arrive at a party. So what better metal than gold? You are a cuff-links and tie-bar kind of guy. You will never be caught in an understated tie.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Never too loud, he is that rare watch lover who revels in his low profile status. His watch will invariably have the classic look about it. He is all about being classy, elegant and inconspicuous.

Longines Flagship

You are the guy who likes to live life king size.  Big wrist, big shoulders, big appetite, king size bed.  Rather than driving an SUV you would prefer to be driven in a Bentley or a Mercedes E class. Your watch?Anything above 45 mm in diameter.

Panerai Radiomir 1940

He is the guy always on the move. Loves to travel, try out new things, open to cultures, loves world music and has seen most movies on the plane. His watch is an essential part of his trans-continental journeys.

ORIS Big Crown ProPilot Chronograph GMT

The watch is the most important fashion accessory he is wearing, and most likely more expensive than his car. Can tell a triple axis tourbillion from a flying tourbillion. His watch is always a talking point.

A LANGE Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase

He might be an investment banker or a software entrepreneur, but at heart he is an adrenaline junkie who gets his high from sports ranging from diving both in the sea and off planes, and of course bungee jumping. His watch helps him keep in touch with his restless inner self.

Breitling Chronomat Airborne

This is a guy whose life is an open book. He is gregarious, he is charming, he is outgoing. He would drive a convertible  with the hood up, Indian weather and pollution permitting. He likes even his watch to reveal itself fully.

Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Watch
Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Watch

He likes speed, is a regular at the gym, is always in shape, follows EPL closely, and never misses a chance to see an IPL game in his city. He hopes to own a Ferrari one day. His watch is a window to his sporty soul.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Steel
TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Steel

You have the average guy size wrist. Small and compact is your idea of style.  You are a sports car fan and the lapel of your jacket is more likely to be slim and notched rather than peaked. You like your watch to fit snugly on your wrist, anything under 40 mm.

Dior Chiffre Rouge
Dior Chiffre Rouge