The man fronting the new Omega Railmaster is Presley Gerber, the son of Cindy Crawford, Omega’s longest-serving brand ambassador. As he makes his own way in the world of fashion and photography, Gerber speaks about his mom, personal style and his love for Omega.

What’s the best fashion or career advice you’ve had from your mom?

From my mom? Best career advice? Don’t do it unless you want to, because if you do it and don’t want to, it’s not going to turn out very good.

You’ve been both a model and a photographer. Which do you prefer, and how does social media help you express your creativity?

I can’t actually say I prefer either, I think it totally depends. I feel that both are equally fun for me. They both have so much opportunity, and you can kind of explore your mind with everything. So both are great, and I can’t choose one. As far as social media help, yeah, you can throw anything you take — or that picture of you- and put it on.

How does a watch help you express your personal style? Do you think a watch is still relevant for young men?

I absolutely think a watch is still relevant for young men. I think, for guys at least, I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but a watch, I typically will have one, not just to tell the time obviously — I have a passion for them. I definitely think the young crowd is catching back on the trend.

And what is it about Omega watches that you like?

Omega watches are hands down the best. That’s kind of the way to go, you have to. I mean, I love them.


Where does your style inspiration come from? Do young males tend to look at upcoming trends, or do you also look to the past, such as classic films and musicians?

 You know, my inspiration is kind of always from my dad, so I can’t really say from the broad perspective of all young men, but sure, if you look up to old musicians, anyone you have a passion for, follow their style.

What are three items that every young guy should have in his wardrobe?

A T-shirt, some pants and a pair of shoes. I just wear a shirt and some jeans and an Omega watch. There you go. 

Can you share your favourite Omega moment with us?

I’d have to say one of my favourite moments was when we all got to go to Hong Kong — most of us, my mom, my sister and me, but it was incredible, that was my first time going and for me, we had so much fun. Everyone we were surrounded by, the whole team, it was just really fun.