Summer is upon us and Skagen’s latest collection is the perfect embodiment of it.

Skagen has unveiled its new trendy, affordable and vibrant City of Color – Aaren KulØr collection starting at a price of Rs. 6,995. The collection is inspired by the colourful harbour houses in the historic port of Nyhavn in Copenhagen.


The watches feature a 41mm aluminium case with a sandblasted dial, linear and numerical indexes, two-hand movement and a seconds-tracking subdial.

You can further change up the look of the watch by changing the straps quite easily thanks to a quick-release pin. Skagen has also introduced a 36mm option for women with smaller wrists.



In case you were looking for an extra bit of pop, the watchmaker will be giving their collection a neon colour update by the start of June. The new range of neon colours will include pink, blue, yellow, green and orange.

Summer is the season for bright and vibrant things, and it doesn’t get better than colourful watches. Break your monotony of the browns, silvers and blacks by adding the subtle hues of Aaren KulØr to your watch collection. Do your wrist a favour and give it that burst of colour it always deserved.

To view the entire collection, click here.