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Zodiac Ups Their Shirt Making Ante With Regale

Regale by Zodiac offers a range of limited edition, bespoke and made to measure shirts of the highest quality

A clothing connoisseur knows that the very best isn’t something that’s simply selected off a shelf. True quality, exclusivity and style are fully achieved only in the world of bespoke – and Zodiac is uniquely positioned to offer the discerning customer exactly these, with Regale.

A line of numbered, limited edition bespoke and made to measure shirts, Regale offers a high degree of customisation right from the fabric stage. On offer are:

  • Sea Island Cotton, limited cultivation that too only in the Caribbean Islands of the British West Indies make this the most rare and luxurious cotton yarn you can buy and is widely considered the acme of luxury fabric
  • Over 120 options in Italian spun, 2ply 80’s going all the way up to 2ply 300’s which is the epitome of an extremely high yarn count and ensures lustre and an incredible hand feel
  • In addition there are Italian woven 100% pure linens in bright shades for those casual weekend brunches

After you choose your fabric and are precisely measured out for your shirt, you can choose from a number of collar styles – cutaway, button-down, Regale, contrast and band – and then take your pick from cuff styles that match them: classic, doublecuff, Regale, contrast and square.



As a finishing touch, you can have your initials monogrammed onto the pocket, the cuff or even the placket.

Further customisation can be integrated into the embroidery, in the form of special dates and occasions, making for unique gifts.



With over 6 decades of the finest quality shirt-making tradition behind them, Zodiac ups the shirt-making ante with Regale, putting you in the spotlight you deserve – but always in the most tasteful, sophisticated manner possible.