Anchit Kapil’s Shoe Closet

Inside Anchit Kapil’s Sneaker Collection: From Nike AF-1 Tiffany’s To AJ1 Lost & Found

The true-blue sneakerhead recently opened his store in Mumbai

When Anchit Kapil started Crepdog Crew (CDC) in 2019 with his friends Bharat Mehrotra and Shaurya Kumar, it was but an Instagram page. Fast-forward to 2023 and the online marketplace has grown into a robust one-stop-shop for sneakerheads across the country with over 2,000 registered sellers of the streetwear staple. Kapil himself, too, is an avid shoe collector — if his Instagram bio is anything to go by. Here’s a sneak peek into the founder’s personal collection that he talks about, even as he gears up for CDC’s Mumbai store launch this month.  

Anchit Kapil’s Shoe Closet

Shoe Count: 117+ 

Fun Fact: I love colours and my collection states that! 

Tell us a little about your shoe collection. 

My sneaker collection is colourful. Someone likes to stock all blacks or all whites, but not me. I chase colour, even more than collabs. I am attracted to the material and the colourways. I love colourful shoes. My favourite pair is the Nike Air Force 1 Low “What the LA”, which is a special mismatched design dedicated to the Los Angeles-area professional sports franchises. It’s a head turner and conversation starter.  

Your last 2 shoe purchases were?  

Nike’s AF-1 x Tiffany & Co. ‘1837’ and Air Jordan 1 2022 Chicago (aka “Lost & Found”) 

A pair you can’t seem to get enough of right now?  

The Air Jordan 3 A Ma Maniére is quite an impressive shoe and collaboration. 

Anchit Kapil’s Shoe Closet

What’s your most worn shoe and why?  
“What The LA” is my most favourite, and most worn pair. I always get asked about it. 

A footwear faux pas that men need to stop making in 2023?  
Sneakers are meant to be worn, and not kept inside closets and rooms.  

A celebrity you’d love to go shoe shopping with?  

Virgil Abloh. That man had such a massive impact on sneaker culture and fashion. And Diljeet Dosanjh. That would be one fine afternoon of shopping. 

Three kinds of shoes every man needs in his shoe closet.  

Nike Jordans for their history and legacy, Yeezy Foam RNRR for their comfort and utility and Nike SB Dunks. 

Three shoe brands you can’t live without.   
My life revolves around Nike and Yeezy. That’s all I allow on my feet.   

A footwear trend you can get behind.  
Chunky dad shoes.      

A footwear trend that doesn’t have your support

The worn-out, destroyed-shoes-look like Balenciaga’s Dirty Sneakers.   

What can a person’s choice of footwear say about them? 
Everything. What is on a person’s feet tells you what kind of person they are. How well kept their shoes and how clean or dirty they are, can tell you about the temperament of a person and their personality. Whether they are calm and collected or scatter-brained — dirty kicks tell you that — and the colourway hints at if they have a creative bent of mind.  

You’re travelling for a week-long holiday, what kind of footwear do you pack?  

Yeezy Slides, Foam RNNR and a pair of Nike SB Dunks. Whenever I travel, I have two bags, and one is just for sneakers. 

Anchit Kapil’s Shoe Closet

Three tips for shoe care.  

When you get your sneakers, before wearing them use the RBL Spray which is a water and stain repellent and water proofer. Then clean it with sneaker wipes and then every two months, give them a nice shampoo bath.