It’s an argument that’s probably going to last a lifetime, but there are certain things that PUBG does better than Fortnite. Here are some of the reasons why we think so.

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Realistic Visuals

Looks aren’t everything, but different visual styles do have an impact on the player’s experience. For those of you who don’t like the cartoony aesthetics of Fortnite, you have probably already made the switch to PUBG. Some might find the character models lacking in detailed features, but at least you get the option to customize your character. Also, the occasionally foggy weather gives the game some visual diversity.

Weapon Variety

PUBG has a robust combat and weapon system. Climbing your way to victory isn’t just about getting a weapon at a higher tier. As you explore the land and hide from other players, you come across a pretty vast array of weapons.

Bigger Maps

While Fortnite has been slowly updating their single map with locations, PUBG has released more massive maps than the former. In PUBG, there’s simply more variety in locations to explore. PUBG also gives players tools to hide, so it’s not uncommon for a player to traverse slowly only to get taken out by a sniper or try to get across the map faster by driving an attention-drawing Jeep.

Better Loot

Fortnite might have flashier loot, but looting in PUBG is more complicated. Players encounter a wide variety of loot that they can use to customize their weapons however they wish. So, if they feel they need faster aiming or better recoil, they can easily get this with the right loot. PUBG is also rich with various weapons that make each match a joy.

Better Vehicles

PUBG has massive maps, so vehicles are often necessary to cross the map faster. This would be good enough with one or two types of vehicles, but PUBG has several. The vehicles range from vans to motorbikes and even buggies. They are also realistic, in stark contrast to the vehicles in Fortnite—like the shopping cart, golf cart, and hamster ball.

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