All iPhones currently on sale using the A12 and A13 chipsets have received a secret security upgrade. The 2020 iPhone 12 with the A14 chipset brought a second-generation Secure Enclave, and Apple has now added it to its A12 and A13 chip-equipped iPhone modules.

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Apple has always laid more focus on its security than any other smartphone manufacturers in the world. Hence, it comes as a surprise when Apple secretly upgraded some of its older iPhones that were sold after the fall of 2020. All the models that used A12 and A13 chipsets got the upgrade.

In one of Apple’s Platform Security Document dealing with Security Enclave noted by Andrew Pantyukhin on Twitter, it was found that Apple quietly upgraded the Security Enclave on its older iPhones running on the A12 and A13 platforms. The older iPhones with A12 and A13 chipsets that were manufactured before the Fall 2020, did not received the second-generation secure enclave.

According to the source, the document says, “Note: The A12, A13, S4 and S5 products first launched in fall 2020 have a 2nd generation secure storage component; while earlier products based on these SoCs have a 1st generation secure storage component”. This means, that the Apple watches i.e. Apple Watch SE, Series 5, and Series 4 have also received this second-generation secure enclave.

Apple is yet to confirm this security upgrade to its users but it seems a nice upgrade for the potential buyers who have planned to upgrade on iPhones after the Fall 2020. iPhone 12 series is currently Apple’s new flagship in the market, with its most secure A14 chipset.