After downgrading some configurations of the 21.5-inch 4K iMac earlier this week, Apple has now officially discontinued production of the iMac Pro, adding a note to its site that the high-end all-in-one is only available “while supplies last” and removing all configuration options from its online store.

Apple confirmed the news to TechCrunch that the iMac Pro is indeed being discontinued, suggesting that an M1 version won’t be made.

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Apple confirmed to The Verge that once the supplies of the base model will run out, iMac Pro will no longer be available in the market. However, third parties like Amazon may still be left with the product.

The company is anticipated to introduce a redesigned iMac model which will be a revamp of the Mac Pro sometime this year.

Apple’s last 27-inch iMac product was introduced in August 2017, with an eye towards gaming, VR, high-end editing, and graphics work. It replaced the outdated Mac Pro line and proved to be immensely popular amongst professional iMac users.

While the iMac Pro’s discontinuation doesn’t necessarily signal the arrival of a new M1 iMac, it adds one more piece of evidence that Apple is planning to launch a new iMac very soon. A new rumor points to March 23 as the first Apple event of the year, but it’s unclear if Apple will be launching new Macs.

If you want an iMac Pro, now’s your chance to buy it, before it becomes a collector’s item.

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