It should hardly come as a surprise. The last 12 months have seen an unprecedented interest in home projectors in a post-pandemic world.

A recent report (source: projects that the sector will grow at an annual rate of 14.9% between now and 2027. As movies and live sports in crowded bars continue to look uncertain in the medium term, many consumers in India are looking at bringing the large screen experience to their living rooms and dens. If you’re a sports fan, 2021 has provided enough excuses to shift from a flat screen TV. From the Euro to the Tokyo Olympics to the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup, it’s been non-stop action. BenQ’s new V6000 couldn’t have been timed better.  


Just last week Samsung announced the launch of Premiere and we also recently checked out the Optoma P2 for MW. Just like these two projectors, the V6000 is an ultra-short throw projector. Standard projectors (like the one in your office board room) need about 10 feet to create a 100-inch image. An Ultra-short throw projector uses its reflector lens to spread out its light signal across a minimal distance. That’s one of the biggest selling points of this category that has also adopted the ‘Laser TV’ moniker.  

Scenario Image- BenQ Laser TV


The V6000 for instance requires barely 22 cm from the wall for a massive 100-inch image. For the smallest 70-inch projection, you need just 7 cm. The obvious benefit is seamless integration into your living spaces. There’s also no chance of shadow creation – it’s unlikely that a toddler can squeeze through a 22 cm gap. Set up is simple, BenQ throws in an ALR screen (you can choose from a 100 or 120-inch depending on your space constraints) and an all-new 32GB Apple TV as part of the standard bundle. ALR stands for ambient light rejection. An ALR screen provides more realistic images since light is reflected back on ALR screens from significantly more angles than a standard screen surface. It also allows you to enjoy your favourite content without having to shut the blinds during daytime.  


BenQ offers a professional installation, while the screen set-up requires pros, setting up the projector is a breeze. I used it with an Apple TV via an HDMI connection. The projector features an elegant design language, the premium build is a given at this price point. This is a gadget that can rub shoulders with the ‘objets d’art’ in your living room. Our favourite design element is a sunroof style sliding cover that protects the light source from dust when the projector is not in use. There are multiple HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to hook up casting devices or media storage devices for direct play. I noticed an occasional lag in HDMI synchronisation which is not unusual among some of these projectors.   

V6050 Image (Black)

The V6000 is kitted with 2x5W professional front channel speakers from Trevolo (an in-house brand) with true tone sound. Sound quality is very good but we wish the volume levels could be higher. I needed to lean on subtitles in some scenes where the volume levels were low. BenQ also misses a trick with the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. Your only option is hooking up with a speaker via HDMI ARC or digital optical out.  

Ultimately it’s the picture quality that is the defining experience of any projector. This is an area where the V6000 does not disappoint. It delivers true 4K UHD picture quality (3840×2160 resolution and 8.3 million pixels) and offers 98% DCI-P3 Colour Gamut which brings out the True Cinematic colours. The HDR-PRO technology (HDR10 and HLG formats) incorporates auto colour and tone mapping techniques to offer superior brightness and contrast ranges as well as ideal image optimisation. Videos are very fluidic – I enjoyed gaming on this device, thanks to advanced motion estimation and compensation technology called MEMC.  

V6000 Image1 (White)


The BenQ V6000 ultra-short throw projector combines a premium design and form (it’s just 10 kg, easy to move around). It’s easy to set up and fits into the tightest corners in your home. It doesn’t come cheap but delivers on its main promise of a big screen entertainment experience in the comfort and safety of your home.  


The BenQ V6000 costs Rs 4,99,000 and comes with a 32GB 4K Apple TV and an ALR screen