Bluetooth earbuds are on the verge of becoming a bare gadget essential. For a product category that can trace its beginnings to 2016 with the debut of the Apple AirPods, it’s been quite an impressive growth trajectory. Almost each time we are asked to recommend a cheaper alternative to Apple’s ubiquitous AirPods, Blaupunkt’s 2019 BT-01 figured in our list with other solid performers from brands like Jabra and Samsung in the sub Rs 10,000 bracket. Blaupunkt’s 2020 successor adds some useful features and still manages to keep its brand new BTW Pro quite affordable. It’s why it has our attention. 

The BTW Pro is built on a few headline features. Let’s start with noise cancellation. When we’re talking headphones, noise cancellation usually refers to shutting external sounds out, so you can enjoy an immersive audio experience. In this case it’s all about the microphone; Blaupunkt uses a clever dual microphone – one to shut external sounds and the other to pick your input. It makes it easier for callers at the other end to hear you more clearly and a feature that we enjoyed using. Most Bluetooth ear buds users tend to use their buds more often for calls than checking out their favourite playlist. 

In terms of design, the BTW Pro sticks to the same lightweight design as its predecessor. The buds feel light and secure in your ears while the case is remarkably slim and weightless. The new design also offers a more watertight fit, filtering out external sounds. That’s the only audio noise cancellation that’s available; noise cancellation is a feature similar priced rivals like the Samsung Galaxy Buds don’t offer too. But unlike Samsung’s buds, there’s no wireless charging and we’re disappointed to see Blaupunkt sticking with a Micro USB charging slot at a time when USB Type-C has become the norm. The good thing is that you don’t have to charge the case too often – with 36 hours of battery life, the BTW Pro races ahead of its rivals in this department. The buds manage an acceptable 6 hours of battery life before you need to tuck them back in the case.

Sound quality is quite good for its price too. The BTW Pro is bolstered by Qualcomm aptX HD sound that supports 24-bit music quality; this ensures that some of the smaller details in the music are also captured. There are other useful touches including Auto pairing. This takes the concept of a master bud out of the equation; the first bud you pull out of the case initiates the pairing, seamlessly. Pairing with both iPhones and Android devices is a breeze. The buds offer a whole set of navigation and control options but it takes some getting used to. You’re also covered for those runs through a drizzle with IPX-7 certification. It all adds up to making the BTW Pro a decent all-round option if you’re looking for Bluetooth earbuds that deliver good bang for your buck. 

Blaupunkt’s BTW Pro costs Rs 6,999