The German carmaker has collaborated with Hans Zimmer for this tech and is likely to include it in some of its future models.

BMW seems to be on a roll at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022. After blowing our minds with the colour-changing iX Flow concept car, the German automaker is now working on getting an 8K screen fit in your car.

The ‘Theatre Screen’ is a massive 31-inch panorama display that somehow snuggles into the ceiling of a BMW luxury car. It then drops down from the headliner via a button, transforming the passenger seats into a “private cinema lounge.”

The screen has a resolution of roughly 8000 x 2000 or 8K, and can work with a 16:9, 21:9, or 32:9 aspect ratio. Making the deal even sweeter is the fact that legendary composer Hans Zimmer will be composing the soundtrack for the screen drop. We’re sure there’s a good Inception joke in there somewhere.

Back to the theatre setup, a touch of a button lets you control the ambient lighting and the sunshades. To give you the full effect, audio support will be provided by 30 Bowers & Wilkins speakers, and the screen will be tilt-adjustable for your comfort. BMW wasn’t kidding with their “private cinema lounge” statement.

Now, coming to what kind of content you can watch here, BMW has teamed up with Amazon to load up the screen with Fire OS. It’ll use the car’s 5G connection to stream most of the video streaming platform. While it gets a touchscreen display, it can also be controlled via touchpad controls built into the rear door of the car.

So which car will get this? It is unlikely that BMW will retrofit the screen in the current-gen of cars. That said, unlike the colour-changing technology, the company has hinted that some version of this tech will make its way to its future crop of cars. There is no official confirmation of this but online reports suggest it could be part of the BMW 7-Series. So, how does the idea of a private theatre in your car sound?

(Image credits: BMW Group)