With the new update of Call of Duty-Tokyo Escape, the game developers have introduced many new features, maps, and of course, updated the Battle Pass. The game introduces new base weapons, operators, operator skills and perks.

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The new season brings Premium Battle Pass rewards and new epic blueprints. The blueprints include PP19 Bizon – Yokai, QXR- Scorching Sun, Type 25- Oni, ASM10- Scabbard and RUS-79U- Karuta. While playing COD: Mobile, you can now download new epic soldiers such as Hidora- The Boss, Zero- Escape, Spectre- Ninja, Takeo- Sensei from the premium Battle Pass section.

There’s a new legendry Calling Card which came with an update: Showdown. If you do not have the premium Battle Pass, don’t worry, because in the free Battle Pass Rewards, you can get a new base weapon- PP19 Bizon, which is an SMG with high rate of fire and reduced recoil. It is a gun to aim at the targets of closer range.

There are updates to the Multiplayer and Feature mode of the game. In the Multiplayer mode, two new maps have been added, namely- Oasis and Coastal. Oasis is a small town based within the Middle East desert. It is available for Frontline mode. Coastal is based on a small town consisting of wines, cellars, shops and fountain squares. Available for Search and Destroy. There’s also a ‘Sword and Stones’ mode in the Feature section.

For the Battle Royale, a few features have been added, such as a Spotter, oCluster Strike (launch a cluster strike to a designated area), oFly Swatter (shows nearby winged enemies and increase reload speed of rocket launcher).

With all of these updates and modes, there are common improvements and optimisations which have been done to the game. COD: Mobile also offers a 10-v-10 mode in the Feature section for few days. This mode keeps coming back from time-to-time and is the most gripping mode of the game and the team which reaches to 100 points first within a given time, wins.