Ever since 2019, Call of Duty fans have enjoyed something of a renaissance for the beloved FPS series, with the Modern Warfare remake and Warzone quickly topping charts worldwide as one of the most-played games in the genre.

Fortunately for fans, new leaks have surfaced regarding the much-anticipated sequel — Modern Warfare 2

In a fairly cryptic 2-word tweet, Twitter user and industry insider @RalphsValve shared a screenshot of a timer – possibly from a non-public landing page of the game’s website. Counting down 20 days from April 10th, 2022, it suggests that we may see a major Call of Duty announcement on April 30th, and it’s likely a teaser. Ralph also shared that while the countdown definitely had something to do with the game, he expected full-blown trailers to hit the internet in May 2022.

While these statements are all unofficial and subject to change, they seem to fit the timeline surprisingly well. Publishers Activision had made an announcement earlier in February confirming that they would not release a new game in 2023, instead releasing major updates to Warzone and the Modern Warfare formula this year onwards.

With Microsoft recently acquiring Activision, expectations are running high for the series, which may recieve major game engine and gameplay updates to shake up a somewhat stale experience for gamers who have played with similar mechanics for over two years now.

Several voiced their excitement at the leaked info, with a few trying their hand at guessing the game’s eventual release date:

Others weren’t impressed yet, calling out Ralph for hyping up a ‘lame teaser’.

While we don’t know too much about the game’s campaign story or new features, videogame journalist Tom Henderson revealed that the new game may reprise an ‘Escape from Tarkov’ gameplay style, where players have to deal with realistic environmental hazards, survival elements, and even MMO-style player stats and multiplayer interaction.

Big promises there. Let’s see if the upcoming game manages to match players’ rising expectations.

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