Sony’s PlayStation 5 was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated gadgets of not only this year, but the whole decade in general. However, although Sony did the next-generation console right, it introduced it wrong, more specifically in India. The PlayStation 5 has been launched across the globe over the past four months and its limited supply has made as many headlines as its gaming capability.

Launched in a pandemic-hit year, the console was expected to remain in shortage due to the disruption of supply chain but it’s Sony’s inability to deal with scalpers that has created a bigger mess. Now, several interested buyers have complained that even some of Sony’s authorized retailers are part of scalpers and are overcharging gaming enthusiasts for the console citing limited stock.

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According to India Today, Sony has claimed to sell over 4.5 million consoles in 2020 basically between November and December. These figures include both the Digital and Standard editions of the PS5 and were revealed by the company during its earnings call. There is a chance that a high number of these units might have been picked by scalpers who then resold them for an increased price on other platforms. While there is no way to find the exact figure, it is worth mentioning that the console has largely remained out of stock since its launch.

That didn’t stop the scalpers from lifting it. According to an analysis posted to DEV Community by Michael Driscoll, close to 10% of the console’s total sales have been resold by scalpers. Out of this, around 7% of the PS5’s sales can be confirmed on eBay and StockX till January 16. All these units have been sold at a significant increase on the retail price.

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