It’s going to be a busy couple of months for all the gamers out there. With every publisher pushing their hottest stock out in February and March, we’re sure you’ll be glued to your screens for many, many weekends to come. That said, in case you need a refresher on what’s in store, here’s a quick summary: 

Dying Light 2: Stay Human (4th February)

Platforms – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo SwitchDying Light 2: Stay Human

Seven years since the first title, Techland finally has a sequel for us and this time there’s a new protagonist! Releasing this Friday, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will introduce us to Aiden Caldwell, played by Jonah Scott. You may have heard Jonah’s voice before in One Punch Man and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Coming back to the game, Techland has promised us a gameplay of 500 hours! So buckle up. 


Sifu (8th February)

Platforms – PS5, PS4

SifuFeaturing a unique animation style, Sifu is a game you don’t want to miss out on. The 3D action-adventure takes you on a journey towards becoming a Kung Fu master. It also features a unique ageing mechanic, which lets the character get stronger and more powerful as he grows older. Of course, this comes at the cost of reduced health. This challenge is sure to be interesting. 


OlliOlli World (8th February)

Platforms – PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Ones, Xbox Series S/XOlliOlli World

Publisher Roll7 has described the third instalment in the OlliOlli franchise as, “a love letter to skateboarding.” And with an all-new design, different landscape and fast-paced gameplay, we couldn’t agree more. Oh, did we mention it’ll also have a multiplayer mode which will allow users to invite other players to a challenge? 


CrossfireX (10th February)

Platforms – Xbox One, Xbox Series S/XCrossfireX

Before you cross it off as another FPS game, let us briefly explain the appeal of CrossfireX. In a nutshell, it will remind you of CoD (Call of Duty) without being CoD. Of course, with Remedy Entertainment handling the reins, you are bound to get great characters, an interesting storyline and an overall solid gameplay experience. Also, if you happen to own an Xbox Series S/X, CorssfireX is capable of handling 120fps.


Horizon Forbidden West (18th February)

Platforms – PS4, PS5Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn was a massive hit back in 2017, garnering rave reviews and awards. It is no surprise then, the hype for the sequel is unflinching. The 2022 sequel promises to continue Aloy on her adventure, which will bring her face to face with all-new machines, dangerous tribes and more. 


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (22nd February)

Platforms – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, Google StadiaDestiny 2: The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 is set to introduce an all-new expansion pack called The Witch Queen DLC. The new DLC will let you roam the Savathûn’s Throne World, within the Ascendant Realm. You can expect all-new maps, weapons, missions and over a dozen reasons to never step out in the real world again. 


Elden Ring (25th February)

Platforms – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/XElden Ring

Perhaps THE most highly anticipated game out there, Elden Ring is only 20-odd days away. The new action RPG created by Hidetaka Miyazaki in collaboration with George RR Martin, promises to take all learnings from Sekiro and Soulsborne games and pack them into one exciting piece of entertainment. It’ll also be the developers first foray into the open-world genre. And yes, you can ride a horse to quickly traverse the terrain.