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Fans Are Underwhelmed By The New Trailer Of EA Sports FIFA 2023

This will be the last FIFA title from EA Sports

The swan song of FIFA x EA Sports is finally here. We’ve known for a while that FIFA will be ending its association with EA Sports for the iconic franchise, with the EA Sports FIFA 23 being their last title together. Yesterday, a brief teaser of the popular sports game was launched, leaving fans both excited and sad about the future ahead. 

As expected, EA Sports have pulled no stops in making FIFA 23 a memorable title, with promises of “most advanced gameplay” and cross-play integration for the folks with next-gen consoles. Also new here is the addition of 19,000 players from 700 teams and 30 leagues.

Along with all of this, the publisher will also be making women’s football one of its priorities, with the inclusion of Barclays Women’s Super League in England and Division 1 Arkema in France. This will also be the first time players will be able to play both men’s and women’s World Cup in Qatar. This addition has drawn strong reactions from a portion of the game’s fanbase, who are accusing FIFA of “going woke.”

In terms of technology, the new title will capture the movements of players with the help of more than 6000 HyperMotion-enabled animations, which according to EA, lets players “move and play more responsively and realistically than ever before.”

Other updates include a dribbling system, acceleration mechanics, improved passing techniques, more natural shooting mechanics, redesigned set pieces and much-needed updated on-pitch physics. 

Improvements have also been made in the Career Mode, Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL. EA says the improved Training Center coaching system has been developed for new and less experienced players to get up to speed at a quicker pace. 

Of course, we’ll be putting all these claims to the test when we officially get our hands on the title on 30 September 2022. Until then, check out what the interweb has been saying about the video game.

Image credits: EA Sports