The Blair Witch Project was horror at its best. The film’s format was new at the time and it set the benchmark for horror films worldwide. If you’ve watched the film, you know you don’t want to be in that eerie, terrifying forest. But now you can, through its video game. 

Blair Witch is set in 1996 and you’ll play Ellis, a former police officer who is a part of a search party for a missing boy in Maryland’s Burkittsville woods. One thing they didn’t know and probably will later on in the game, is that the woods are home to the notorious Blair Witch. Eventually, Ellis gets lost in the woods with only his dog Bullet for help. The game revolves around you finding your way out and solving puzzles while trying to escape the Blair Witch.  



The game is being made by Polish studio Bloober Team, which previously created games like Layers of Fear and Observer.

Blair Witch will be released on August 30 and will only be available on PC and XBOX.

Watch the gameplay footage below: