We finally have the teaser to the highly-anticipated FAUG game. While the comments were filled with both praises and criticisms, another game was being recommended by a majority of users.

Actor Akshay Kumar, who is also the brand ambassador for the game (sort of), announced the teaser on his social media accounts. “Today we celebrate the victory of good over evil, and what better day to celebrate our Fearless and United Guards, our FAU-G! On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, presenting the #FAUG teaser,” he captioned the video.

Once the teaser was released, users immediately flooded the comments section pointing out the terrible graphics and overall lower-grade level of gameplay that was showcased. But, attention quickly shifted to another Made-In-India game, that is being praised for its graphics and story — Raji: An Ancient Epic. 


A still from FAUG


Raji is a brand-new indie Indian game by the game studio Nodding Heads. The team spent years trying to create a game that can proudly sit with the biggies of the international gaming scene. It gained great critical reviews from the international community, and is a game that did not compromise on quality. Finally, gamers are recognising the game and it’s potential.



One user commented, “So, a game literally supported by Akshay Kumar has graphics like this, but a game named Raji: An Ancient Epic, whose developers were almost broke when making it, has graphics like made by an international company. Wow.”

Another user wrote, “FAUG is looking totally crap in this trailer. But just for that sake of hope for [the] Indian Gaming Industry , support RAJI as much as you can.”

Another added, “Support Raji. Buy it on Steam, it’s around 600 or under. And stop being emotional. They are trying to sell patriotism… For their benefit.”

While the YouTube comment section was bursting with support for Raji, Twitter wasn’t far behind. Scroll through some tweets that voiced their admiration for the game.