If you’re missing the big-screen action at the movies and live sports, you’ve got the option of switching to a home projector and bringing the action home. If you’re looking for some quick tips on how to pick a projector that’s right for you, read our quick buying guide. To make sure you don’t have to break the bank for a large screen, we’ve selected some of the best home projectors that cost under Rs 1 lakh.

XGIMI Halo Plus: The XGIMI Horizon Pro was one of the coolest projectors we checked out in 2021 with its edgy design and smart features. The Halo Plus brings together our favourite features in a compact, portable form factor. It features a DLP cinema-grade, 200-inch display with a 1080 FHD resolution. It’s packed with dual 5W Harman Kardon speakers that deliver distortion-free audio. Brightness levels peak at 900 ANSI lumens and the projector also features useful features like Auto Keystone correction and Autofocus, but it’s the built-in Chromecast and Android TV 10.0 OS that give it an edge. (Rs 99,999)

XGIMI Halo Plus portable

BenQ GS2: A good portable option for first-time buyers who’re testing the waters. This DLP 720p projector (1280×720 pixels) weighs just above 1.5kg and comes with a carry case, making it easy to cart around. You can toss this into your boot on your next getaway. A single charge gave us about three hours of battery life during our tests. It is drop-proof up to 0.5 metres, and its IPX2 rating means its splash-proof too. BenQ promises an impressive lamp life of 30,000 hours (on Eco mode) or 20,000 hours on full brightness. (Rs 52,500)

BenQ GS2

Epson Home TW750: It is lightweight, compact and can blend seamlessly into your den. It offers multiple connectivity options and modes—from cinema to gaming. This full-HD (1080p/16,000:1 contrast ratio) projector ticks the durability box with a lamp life of 12,000 hours. It also boasts equal white and colour brightness levels of up to 3,400 lumens that ensure clear images despite ambient light. But it’s the split screen—that allows inputs from two separate sources to be displayed side by side on the same screen—that is our favourite feature. (Rs 78,700)

Epson TW650

ViewSonic M1G2: It may not boast of the same image quality as some of its similarly priced rivals but it is worth checking out for its quirky and flexible design. This ultra-portable (it weighs only 700gm) WVGA LED (854x480p) projector needs only about 8 feet for a 100-inch projection. It’s kitted with dual Harman Kardon speakers and offers 360-degree projection allowing you to project visuals onto a wall or ceiling. A USB Type-C socket allows you to share the screen of your laptop or phone without a fuss. The built-in battery provides six hours of power, and you can also charge your phone via the USB Type-C port when the power adapter is plugged in. (Rs 47,690)


Optoma HD28e: The Optoma delivers sharp 1080p high-definition images. The brand has positioned this model as a cinema-quality projector for home use. Optoma’s specialised colour calibration and mixing technologies allow you to enjoy 3800 lumens of brightness and vibrant colours with an accurate HDTV standard Rec. 709 colour gamut (refers to the range of colours within the visible colour space or visible to the human eye). Gamers might approve of the enhanced gaming mode—16ms input lag. It also supports HDMI 1.4a 1920×1080 3D Blu-ray 3D movies, digital TV, and gaming with a refresh rate of 144Hz. (Rs 85,000)

Optoma Opt 1