Of all the pointless things in the world . . . get this, NASA is working with Nokia to put 4G network on the moon.

NASA wants to achieve its goal to build a lunar base and eventually sustain human presence on the moon by 2028. In this pursuit, they awarded $370 million to over a dozen companies to deploy the technology on the moon like remote power generation, cryogenic freezing, robotics, safer landing, and apparently, 4G.

NASA says that 4G could provide for a more reliable and longer-distance communication and that eventually, it all goes according to plan, they’ll upgrade the network to 5G.

According to CNN Business, Nokia’s Bell Labs was granted $14.1 million by NASA and they will be responsible for bringing 4G to the moon. The news portal says that 4G will probably work better on the moon considering the lack of obstructions like buildings, trees, and TV signals.

Well, here’s wishing Nokia and NASA all the very best.

In other news, a NASA spokesperson had informed CNN that actor Tom Cruise will be launched into space and will stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS). While the actor is known for performing difficult stunts like clutching the side of an Airbus A400 while it takes off in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, this is sure to be a territory even he hasn’t breached.

“We will say more about the project at the appropriate time,” a NASA spokesperson told The Verge. “Anything else would be premature.” Earlier, it was reported that Cruise might be collaborating with SpaceX while shooting for the film.


(Header credits: Pixabay)