We’re less than three weeks away from what’s likely to be one of the hottest Android smartphones of 2022. Last November, we had rounded up all the rumours surrounding the S22 Ultra, and there’s one thing we probably got right. The Galaxy S22 Ultra might be the meeting point for the Note Series and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series devices. Here’s everything we’ve gleaned so far:

Will the twain finally meet? In an ‘editorial’ released on the company’s official website, Dr TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business, Samsung revealed that it would introduce us to the most ‘noteworthy device’ they’ve ever created. It’s the strongest official pointer that the twain—the Note series and the flagship S series—will finally meet in February 2022. Many of us who enjoyed using Samsung’s Note devices since 2011 were disappointed that Samsung skipped launching a Note device in 2021. This editorial post confirmed that the company has ‘taken note’ of this and will bring all its best experiences to one Galaxy device. It makes sense now given that Samsung now has a foldable line that also sits in the brand’s flagship portfolio.

Likely to debut on February 9: While Samsung didn’t confirm a date for its Galaxy Unpacked event—the post just mentions February—there’s a strong possibility that it might be February 9, 2022. Screenshots with an Instagram post from what users are claiming to be an official Samsung handle are adding credence to this rumour.

Refreshed rear camera design: The contour-cut frame on the rear cam was our favourite feature of last year’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Concept images from the likes of Dutch website Let’s Go Digital suggest a more minimalist design approach. We’ve seen quite a few images that suggest Samsung will opt for a ‘P-shaped’ layout for its rear cam without a major bump. The overall design language is reminiscent of the wider Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to make room for the S Pen.

Specs and Pricing: We had reported that the S22 Ultra could see a $50-100 price increase across hardware variants, based on updates from the likes of @TheGalox. There are no updates on whether we could see a higher MRP than the Rs 1,05,999 India launch price for the S21 Ultra in 2021. Most rumours suggest that the base version of the S22 Ultra is likely to be bumped up to 256GB. There are talks that say it could be 16GB RAM for the top-end version, and either 512MB or 1TB for the internal storage of the premium variant. The India version is likely to be powered by the all-new Exynos 2200 processor. Samsung is likely to make significant camera enhancements to take on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and this includes a new AI enhancement mode and a Super Clear Lens that could reduce glare and reflections.

The latest teaser video from Samsung has certainly added to the hype surrounding the S22 Ultra’s launch. Most Samsung Galaxy Note die-hards will be hoping that this is the Note device they’ve been waiting for, and we do hope that these expectations are met next month.


Image credit: Let’s Go Digital