OPPO f21 pro smartphone review

Review: OPPO F21 Pro Smartphone

The OPPO F21 Pro is a model that feels good in your hand and can give you some great photographs

There’s one thing that we’ve come to expect from OPPO’s mid-market and premium smartphones, and that is style. Not everyone is obsessed with processor speeds or display resolution. Many users just want a smartphone that they can flaunt at a meeting or during after-hours drinks with their co-workers. These users also want a phone that just feels good to hold. The new OPPO F21 Pro may just be what they are looking for.

OPPO F21 Pro - review

Sunset Orange For Those Sundowners

OPPO F21 Pro - review

The OPPO F21 Pro comes in two finishes. Yes, we’re used to seeing colour variants in spec sheets but now many quite a few style-oriented phones also offer a choice of finishes, like the upholstery in a luxury car. There’s a Sunset Orange option finished in what OPPO calls a ‘Fiberglass-leather’ design. OPPO sent us the more staid Cosmic Black colour variant. While it may not have the presence of the Sunset Orange, it looks elegant and feels really good in your hand. The design has shades of the iPhone 13 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22+’s flat-edge design. OPPO has dubbed this as an ultra-slim, retro design.

Getting Close

If you were a compulsive Instagrammer who was stuck at home during the lockdowns, you would have struggled to keep your feed busy. It’s a good thing we seem to have put those uncertain times behind us. But if you had to be stuck indoors for some reason, OPPO’s new microscope lens might keep you entertained. This 2MP lens is part of the triple rear cam, and it might remind you of those times in your school Biology lab when you first stared into a microscope; the results with this cam can be quite interesting. You can shoot on 15X and 30X modes, but it’s a bit of a learning curve to crack the perfect distance for the best shots. Of course, the cam comes with a host of OPPO regulars like Bokeh flare portraits. OPPO’s selfie cam allows you to get quite aggressive with beautification for when you need to hide signs of the night before.

OPPO F21 Pro - review

The Right Boxes?

The F21 Pro is propelled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 Processor. Some power users might argue that it’s underwhelming and that it might now hold good for their needs. This phone is probably not aimed at that group of hardcore gamers who need their Asphalt 9 fix. The device clocked a respectable score of 1671 (multi-core) on our Geekbench test. Despite its slinky profile (175 gm), OPPO manages to pack this device with a 4500 mAh battery (there’s a 33W charger in the box) and an immersive 6.43-inch AMOLED display (2400 x 1080 pixels) that keeps things smooth with a 90Hz refresh rate. Our constant crib – about the bloatware on OPPO smartphones – still stays and we’re still not completely sold on the visual appeal of OPPO’s Color OS. 

OPPO F21 Pro - review

The OPPO F21 Pro hits the right notes if you’re looking for a device with a dependable camera, battery life, an immersive display and a device that’s high on style. It’s also easily one of the best-looking devices at this price point.

The OPPO F21 Pro costs Rs 22,999 and comes in Sunset Orange and Cosmic Black.